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Advanced Equipment

Having the latest equipment and instruments means we can diagnose and treat your dental problems faster – so you spend less time in the dental chair – and with far less pain involved. Our advanced equipment includes:

Digital x-rays – a safer, faster alternative to traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays are extremely precise, reducing harmful radiation by up to 90% compared to conventional dental X-ray machines. A small sensor, which is connected to a computer by a thin wire, is placed inside your mouth and an x-ray beam is sent through your teeth and into the sensor. An image of your teeth is taken and sent straight to computer, where both you and your dentists can see it immediately on a large colour-enhanced screen. There’s no need for film to be developed, so there’s no harmful processing chemicals involved, and the whole process is much faster than usual. It’s also great fun to watch!

An intra oral camera – this tiny TV camera is used to help quickly diagnose dental problems, demonstrate cosmetic improvements and offer much more targeted preventive advice to patients. As it’s connected to a monitor, you can clearly see the inside of your mouth, including any problem areas, and develop a deeper understanding of the treatments you undergo.

CEREC 3D instrument – a rapid method of restoring damaged teeth using natural-coloured ceramic fillings. There are no messy moulds or impressions to take and no repeat appointments needed – the whole process is completed in just one hour.

Cosmetic Jet Washing – a revolutionary new method of cleaning and whitening teeth using high-pressure mix of water, air and sodium bicarbonate particles. This extremely painless procedure will make your teeth immediately cleaner and brighter, and it’s ideal if you have extensive staining on your teeth caused by, for example, nicotine or wine. No more lengthy de-scaling treatments are needed!

Laser – Dental Lasers can be used to:

Dental microscope – Dental microscopes play a fundamental role in the daily comings and goings of an experienced dental practitioner. It is widely regarded as one of the most important pieces of equipment in a dentist’s room, as per the following reasons:


We are hosting an Invisalign open day with massive discounts available plus free whitening and free retainers

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✔️ Appointments are for consultations and in house digital scanning
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Our practice will remain open with all safety measures in place during November.

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