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Cerec 3D Restorations

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Let’s face it, very few of us have perfect teeth, free of decay and fillings. You can probably see a filling or two in your own mouth, which do just that — “fill” a cavity, or hole, in your tooth left from the excavation of decayed tooth structure. In many cases, fillings are made of metal material and can go bad, weaken the tooth, or get additional decay under or around it resulting in breakage of the tooth.

CEREC is a method used by thousands of dentists worldwide since 1987 not only to replace these fillings, but also to restore any tooth that is decayed, weakened, broken, etc. to its natural strength and beauty. Better yet, it’s done with all-ceramic materials that are tooth coloured in a single appointment!

Q, how does the CEREC procedure work?

Exam and Preparation
First, one of our trained dentist examines the tooth and determines the appropriate treatment. It could be a simple filling, partial crown (inlay or onlay) i.e. crown on the damaged part of the tooth, a full crown, depending on how much healthy tooth structure is remaining. Next, the tooth/teeth are prepared for the restoration, removing decayed and weakened tooth tissue. This preparation is just like he or she would do for many other restorative techniques. With or without local anaesthetic.

Optical Impression/Fabrication
Instead of filling a tray with impression “goop” that you must bite into and hold in your mouth until it hardens, the tooth is then coated with a non-toxic, tasteless powder. A camera is then used to take a digital picture of your tooth. This whole Optical Impression process only takes a minute or two.

The Optical Impression is converted into a 3D virtual model on the computer screen.

The dentist then designs a restoration on the virtual model . Once the restoration is finalised on the computer ,with a click of a button the restoration design is sent to a milling unit. A ceramic block that matches your tooth shade is placed in the milling machine. About 10 – 20 minutes later, your all-ceramic, tooth-coloured restoration is finished and ready to bond in place. Your tooth is restored with no “temporary” or return trip necessary.

See what our patients say about CEREC.

“CEREC saves me a lot of money by not having to take extra time off work. I’ve had fillings done and CEREC was easier. No one can tell which tooth I had replaced even under close inspection. It looks better than my original tooth… there is no substitute for the speed and ease of this technology.”

“It’s wonderful that we can just come to dental works and have our teeth made and leave the same day with new teeth.”

“I think it’s unbelievable, I’ve had another restoration and it has not been the most comfortable and I’ve had to wait weeks with the temporary on and it’s really nice to be able to get in and out and go about your life.”


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